BEWARE!   You have found the Privateers.  BEWARE!

Rider Bios
I know there's only two three of us but, we do race;

Picture needed for Tokar.
Jason Osborne:

Cat 4 Road Racer
Cat 3 Track Racer
Sport MTB Racer
Masters Racer

Skills: Riding a track bike in circles, crashing, drinking beer.

As a professional Space Monkey, Osborne was so entertained by the gyroscopic action of rotating things he bought a bike and didn't fall down - at first.

2008 Palmares:

4th Bob Hansing Memorial Cup
        Men's 3/4 Endurance

2nd SoCal Track Cup
        Men's 3/4 Endurance

2nd CBR Men's 35-39 40km ITT

7th SCNCA Masters 35-39
       Points Race

3rd SCNCA Masters 35-39 3km IP

21st Masters Track Nationals
         M35-39 1km ITT

13th Masters Track Nationals
         M35-39 3km IP

19th Masters Track Nationals
         M35-39 Points Race

Thomas Kanusky:

Cat 4 Road Racer
Cat 3 CX Racer
Sport MTB Racer
Masters Racer

Skills: CX, MTB, sort of time trials, enjoys long climbs

Since quitting his former career as a heroin mule he discovered he could ride a bike fairly well.

Did some races, got yelled at by EddieB for riding like a frog, then got older.
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